0001 - RISE

20 JUNE 2018 AT 22:38

As fashion continues to warp into the unrecognisable, seemingly falling from each wretched rung into capitalist stupor, I remain resolute; streetwear, high-end casual, vocabulary to confuse the generic consumer into cashing in on fast fashion.

I’m no longer interested in buying into the idea of an industry that rises as my back cracks and folds into a ladder, or stepping stone, a leg-up.

No matter what industry, black people have been sucked dry of their natural talents in order to fuel the Machine. Even this blogspot is a channel that will eventually benefit from my loud voice.

Yet, I have every inherent talent necessary to thrive in the world I create for myself, and I’m starting by raising said voice higher than schemes, structures, plans, and expectations. I am greater within and it’s time to let that speak for me.

F.U.B.U is the only channel commenting on this sinking ship called fashion from the eyes of a historical African. Reclaiming lost time and finally deciding to remind the world that blackness is fashion, so who else is better to document it? I will rise, regardless