It’s disappointing to say the least that I was almost completely beguiled to believe that I needed to fit into a white space to succeed in today’s fashion industry. Or that I genuinely believed that I belonged in a white space at all. A white space is a white space; I don’t want to be cast white roles in the future or contribute in a space that will never represent me in my deserved likeness.

Here is an edit I submitted to an upcoming magazine named 'SLYDEMAG', a coin that I stupidly created, thinking that if I proved myself I’ll be rewarded by the good white bosses that develop apps. I thought I had to shine brighter ( and dance before massas) because I could not code or develop websites which is the 'in thing' now. I was ready to throw my pearls before swine. 

Well I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, without that demoralising experience I wouldn’t have had the self-courage to stand alone.
This generation needs people like me to innovate and create.

The edit:


Okechukwu Atuanya

A creative hub exploring the fast-paced fashion environment we live in. 

An underground underdog digging up fresh finds surrounding;



trends and anti-trends.

We pop up as the seasons change. S/S and A/W. Don’t come looking for us though. You’ve got the SLYDE app to chew on when you’re hungry for fashion and style realness.

We aren’t your average hype beast info go-to. Or a fluff piece frill mag. We are loud, young and are bursting onto the scene with a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. 

So listen up.

Step aside from the crowd and bounce to your own tune, with a SLYDEMAG rolled up in your fist. 

You go wherever we go.

And we go alone, together. "


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