You could feel the weight in the air as the first model walked down the rainbow runway, clad in an all white uniform, as a live band paraded the commencement of Virgil Abloh’s debut LV fashion show.

Everyone was riding on this moment; chariots of fire would stream across the sky as little black cherubs shoot arrows tipped with culture. Blackness rains freely over all the audience.

It was a fashion show to remember, not solely due to the array of tough exteriors and clever accessories: military and utilitarian inspired body bags in bright, fluorescent shades. Monochromatic fits topped with brown leather trench coats, boots, or bags (not an LV logo in sight).

The same edge we were carefully on watching the Royal Wedding (analysing Meghan Markle’s every move, breaths held) was where we found ourselves perched at Louis Vuitton’s Spring Summer ‘19 show. We didn’t really care for the clothes, deep down all we wanted was to see Virgil at the head of the runway unscathed.

To see one of our own at the helm of an iconic European brand, skin still coffee brown and hair the familiar coarse texture. Having been through the Machine and delivered a refreshing mix of streetwear, bringing OFF-WHITE to Paris. It’s what makes us say, “Nigga, we made it!” It’s why we all call him by his first name cause we have a claim over that black man. Evident in the number of youngsters that came in support, front row camera phones poised and ready to record the glorious event. All that comes to mind is a lyric from APES**T,

...” can’t believe we made it,

This is what we’re thankful for.”

He was ours all in that glorious moment and we’d be the ones to bring him home.