0009 - The N.U

You see, the trouble with creating a blog titled F.U.B.U is that once you really get into writing good material, you begin to criticise your surroundings constantly. 

Suddenly the “ addictive No.1 Us bestseller that everyone is talking about” has lost its appeal and you’re screaming at the character couple in the novel, “see! When you don’t listen to the spirit of the Lord...!”
The Netflix documentary you would have gladly watched a week ago makes you irritable and a casual cynic ( thought-mumbling, “it’s only ndị ọcha  that behave like that, you don’t see me acting like that...”).It’s like the regular world doesn’t appeal to you anymore. 

Everything is so pale in comparison to the juice your churning out of your very own D.I.Y Machine. You are now a self-proclaimed anointed Afrocentric, with no interest in the Western world, though still physically in it. You have a top secret lair that you reside in regularly, commenting on the society you live in. 

You’ve transformed! AGHHH! You’re hairline recedes as your toes crunch up into an ashy mess, you only like the taste of basmati rice and can tell when they’ve added fresh tomato or not. You really are a Nigerian Uncle now, there’s no going back.